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Airbnb and Rental POCs

If you own an Arbnb, vacation rental or a seasonal resident, Maggie Valley Fire and Rescue encourage each owner and property manager to have an accurate and up-to-date point of contact. On many occasions we respond to residents for smoke alarms and upon arrival, the POC or property manager's contact information is incorrect. A good POC is the liaison between the fire department, renters and property owners and eliminates the risk of miscommunication.  Not have accurate information may cause unnecessary delays in firefighters from departing and responding to other emergencies. It is also a good practice for this information along with alarm codes and instructions for renters and fire fighters to quickly use in resetting alarms.

Updated contact information can be stored in a KnoxBox attached to the structure and should be kept in a binder in the residence. If you have any additional questions please contact Maggie Valley Fire and Rescue Fire Chief (Scott Sutton Fire Chief: or call 828-926-0948 and someone will assist you in what you will need to do. The last thing you want is not knowing if there is a problem at your property.

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