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NC Burn Permit

Open Burning Permits are available at the station from 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday or you can go to the North Carolina Forest Service Website (by clicking the icon above) to obtain a permit online.Click on the NC Forest Service icon to be directed to the NC Forest Service Burn Permit website. ensure you select the appropriate county for which the burn will be located. 

Issuance of permit does NOT relieve the permittee of:

  1. His/Her responsibility for complying with all air pollution laws, regulations and ordinances (such as the North Carolina "Control and Prohibition of Open Burning" Regulations as codified in 15 NCAC 2D.1900 which prohibits the open burning of some materials).
  2. His/Her responsibility for complying with all other State and Federal forest fire laws (such as notifying adjacent landowners, keeping a competent watch over the fire, etc.)
  3. His/Her responsibility for any damage the fires may cause to other parties or their property. Good judgement should be used when burning even though a permit has been obtained.
Tips for Safe Debris Burning 

Don’t burn on dry, windy days.

  • Check to see if weather changes are expected. Outdoor burning should be postponed if shifts in wind direction, higher winds or wind gusts are forecast.
  • Before doing any burning, establish wide control lines down to bare mineral soil at least five feet wide around any burn barrels and even wider around brush piles and other piled debris to be burned. The larger the debris pile, the wider the control line needed to ensure that burning materials won’t be blown or roll off the pile into vegetation outside the line.
  • Stay with all outdoor fires until they are completely out.
  • Keep water and hand tools ready in case your fire should attempt to spread.
  • Stay abreast of wildfire danger levels and heed warnings


Permissible Residential Burning 

Open burning of leaves, logs, stumps, tree branches or yard trimmings originating on the premises of private residences and burned on those premises in areas where no public pickup is available and such burning shall not create a nuisance. The burning of logs and stumps of any size shall not be considered to create a nuisance in these applications.

Burning is not permissible when the N.C. Forest Service or other government agency has banned burning for the area.

Permissible Land Clearing 

Open burning for land clearing or right-of-way maintenance is permissible provided that: (1) prevailing winds are away from built up areas; (2) the location of the burn is at least 500 feet from any occupied structure; (3) the location of the burn is at least 250 feet from the edge of a roadway if the prevailing wind is toward the roadway; (4) only kerosene distillate, or diesel fuel is used to start the fire; (5) burning shall commence between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and no additional material is added other than during those hours.

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